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Hotel #5 (2019) & Twenty-Five Rooms (Hotel & Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2020)

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For a limited period, get Hotel #5 and Twenty-Five Rooms—a collaborative publication run between Hotel and Dostoyevsky Wannabe that collects original and excerpted materials from the first eighteen months of Hotel's online activities—for only £15 (plus postage).

* * *

Twenty-Five Rooms: Selections from the Hotel Archive (Dostoyevsky Wannabe & Hotel, 2020)

Rainald Goetz, translated by Adrian Nathan West,
—The Sympathetic Observer;
Kristín Ómarsdóttir, translated by Vala Thorodds,
John Holten,
—The Future of Reading;
Leah Sophia Dworkin,
—The Hole;
Luc Sante,
—The Unknown Soldier;
Emma Mackilligin,
Three Poems;
Kyle Coma-Thompson,
—Lady Cero’s Letters;
Gareth Evans,
Lauren Dostal,
—An Undisclosed Distance;
Molly Gunther,
—Just Above Complete Creatures;
Joanna Rafael Goldberg
—Alma Mahler attends a Sex Party…;
Helen Charman,
Four Poems;
Jessica Bonder,
—Harvest Moon;
Rowan Evans,
—(Four Stems);
Jonathan Chandler,
—The Hitcher
NJ Stallard,
Two Poems
Anne Michaels,
—Sunday Evening, Winter Morning, November Dusk;
Anna Cathenka,
—David Bowie Lives in My House—Three Interludes;
[A recipe for] Ginger Beef Thai Style
—No.29 on the menu at Vim, costing $6.75;
A.K. Blakemore,
Two Poems;
Luke Kennard,
—Withered Head™;
Adrian Bridget,
Three Gestures;
Jess Cotton,
Three Poems (After Antonioni);
Sam Weselowski,
Three Poems (Thanks);
Nina Mingya Powles,
—Yellow Fragments

* * *

Hotel #5 (Winter, 2019)

Isabel Galleymore;
Aidan Moffat;
Georgia Haire;
Hélène Frédérick
translated by Jacob Siefring;
John Divola;
Ralf Webb;
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
[芥川 龍之介―澄江堂主人]
translated by Ryan Choi;
Carla Maliandi
translated by Frances Riddle;
Jenny Hval
translated by Marjam Idriss;
Noémi Lefebvre
translated by Natacha Lasorak & Sophie Lewis;
John Holten & Jonathan Monk;
Rachel Kass;
Nicolette Polek;
Raul Guerrero;
Daisy Lafarge;
Joshua Cohen;
Jack Underwood;
Stanley Schtinter;
Lucy Mercer;
Ariana Reines;
P. Adams Sitney;
John Saul;
Jeffrey Valance;
Sophie Seita;
Agustín Fernández Mallo & Pere Joan
translated by Thomas Bunstead;
SJ Fowler & Iain Sinclair
& an epigram from Sandro Miller

* Orders will also receive a copy of Mariana Pestana & Pedro Lino’s photo-essay, A Casa Deles whilst stock holds out; see bit.ly/2CebFo5 for details.