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Hotel #1—4

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Hotel #4

'St. Joan in Idaho'
Rebecca Tamás;
'Dear Messiah'
Luc Sante;
'Fortunes, Favorite Sayings, & Assorted Sundries'
John Yau;
'Terms of Service'
David Kishik;
'Sarah, No.3'
Scott McClanahan;
'Smoke of the World'
Pascal Richmann, translated by Amanda DeMarco;
‘(2 verbal translations of) Famous Photographs’
James R. Hugunin;
Nona Fernández, translated by Ellen Jones;
'Bad Science'
Jason Shulman, in conversation with Hotel;
'Thirteen Letters to Emma'
Bill Callahan;
'The Virgil Hunter Love Sequence'
Oliver Goldstein;
'Tuesday at Six?'
Leah Sophia Dworkin;
'Come,' a poem in two voices
Richard Scott & Vala Thorodds;
'Philip & Penelope in a Variety of Tenses'
Iris Smyles;
‘On Complicity’ [i, & ii], ‘Cha-Cha,’ & ‘Your Mouth’
Livia Franchini & Serena Braida;
‘Rothko Chapel’
Scott Esposito;
‘Twilight of the Poet’
Daniele Pantano;
'Quantum Leap'
Hisham Bustani, translated by Maia Tabet;
'Like Water in Water'
Carol Mavor;
'Yellow Kitchen'
Mark Kozelek;
'Party Scene [On Endurance]'
David Lowery;
Joanna Rafael Goldberg;
& an epigram by "Britain’s most isolated cartoonist,"
Jonathan Chandler

Hotel #3

‘It’s really very easy to do these days’
Martin Jackson;
'Four Cities'
Nick Cave;
'After the Crash'
Duncan White;
'West Virginia to New York'
Juliet Escoria;
'Mass Produced Poetry'
Jasmine Parker;
'The People who Curate Culture'
Hotel in conversation with Hanya Yanagihara;
'Traveling in Grey Space'
Kim Sherwood;
'Four Stories'
Gordon Lish;
'Four Poems'
Rowan Evans;
'Common as Light & Love are Red Valleys of Blood'
Mark Kozelek;
'The War'
Owen Booth;
Frederic Tuten & José Antonio Suárez Londoño;
Selections from Études de Silhouettes
Pierre Senges & Jacob Siefring;
'Waiting Rooms'
Imogen Reid;
'Eternal City'
Jack Robinson;
Aram Saroyan;
& an epigram by Olivier Castel

Hotel #2

'This big bit cradle'
Holly Pester;
#2 [elegant toplessness stoned in stairwell]
Wayne Koestenbaum;
Mary Margaret Rinebold;
'No Soup For You'
Linh Dinh;
'The Kapellmeister'
Ingo Niermann;
Thom Andersen;
Julia Drescher;
Victoria Manifold;
'Three Poems'
S.J. Fowler;
'A Love Letter to a Klepto'
Alice Butler;
'The Class of All Unthinkable Things'
Will Eaves;
Nicole Mauro;
'Minor Episodes'
Amanda DeMarco;
& an epigram by Joshua T. Howell

Hotel #1

Will Eaves;
‘Two Introductions’
Jon Auman;
Selections from Pink Ice-Cream’
Duncan White;
‘Sometimes He Left Messages in the Street’
Tyler Malone;
Selections from The Ninjas’
Jane Yeh;
‘An Accumulation of Information [...]'
Erica Baum;
Matthew Gregory;
'The Alphabet'
Eley Williams;
'Notes on the Pink Hotel'
Jess Cotton;
& an epigram from Mat Riviere